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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh My Girl - Soon on Asian Fan Fiction

Hello Locksmith :DD
Guess what? I have another Story that lingers to my head :D
Do you guys want to know about it?


Should I ?

I'll show you my edit pics. about it :3

Want to know about the plot? :3 teehee~
Just wait until I post it to AFF :DD

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My name there is TaeNy018

Read my other story first guys^^
I promise I'll wouldn't abandon you ;)


Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm back!! :))))

It's nice to be back here co-bloggers! It's been a while :) I become addicted to Fan Fiction lately that's why I didn't open this lately..erm. BTW. I'm starting to write a fan fiction too. yeah~ I'm also a writer not just a reader.kkk~ (^_^)\/ 

ermm... Here is one of my fan fiction ^^ I'll start to write this.yeah the first chapter is not yet done.

Gender bender , of course Taeyeon is the guy here ;) 
please do subscribe at my story^^ 

here's my account: http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/331348

come and be friends with me lockies ;) gumawo ~~

Monday, March 18, 2013

TaeNy @ Their own world 

Last Saturday, March 16, 2013 Taeyeon and Tiffany spotted at incheon airport wearing a simple clothes which caught in the eye of every LOCKSMITH .  

Taeyeon is wearing a light "PINK" pants

while Tiffany is wearing a "Blue" shirt.


TAEYEON loves color BLUE while TIFFANY loves color PINK.
another thing is, the "39" number on fany's shirt. most sone moreover the taenganger knows that taeyeon's birthday is MARCH 09, 1989. which March is the 3rd month of the year. as you conclude it, the "3" is represent to march while "9" is the day itself. Do you think I'm just over thinking? then why does tiffany didn't choose another number? why does it's colour blue? (great friendship right^^)

Some said that they are only two who's leaving on that day, others said that Seohyun is also with them.

March 17, 2013 another day to celebrate TaeNy's day :)

(their manager unnie, taeyeon and tiffany)

Taeyeon and Tiffany are spotted in TOKYO DISNEYLAND hanging around and enjoying the cold breeze surrounding the whole park. (TaeNy together with their manager unnie) 

after having a good time, TaeNy decided to go to TOKYO DISNEY SEA and eat some hamburger. ( oopps~ kinda blur right? maybe the one who took this photo is a bit nervous and doesn't want to caught,that's why it become like this)

and they left TOKYO DISNEY SEA. 

seems like they really enjoy the day they spend together huh? :) though there are only a few photo's taken by some fans, I know that my co-LOCKSMITH are pretty solved too :)) seeing TaeNy and JUST TAENY hanging around (even though they have their manager unnie) makes our heart flutter and much flutter. ^^


Friday, March 8, 2013


H A P P Y  2 5 T H  T A E Y E O N  D A Y

Stay being dork / kid / ajjhuma / amazing / gorgeous 

L E A D E R .

for us(Sowon/Taenganger/Locksmith & other fandom who support you) you are really A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 

you are really D A E B A K ~


coz YOU really exist.:)

TAEYEON EONNIE~~ <3 I'll keep supporting and loving you. jiguemeun, apeurodo, yongwonhi :))

keep being the dorkiest leader ~ !
keep loving your 8 members <3
keep being our INSPIRATION.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

TaeNy is LOVE

TaeNy's SIGN of LOVE ? 

hello Locksmith ~ are you curious on what I mean on my first sentence? :) ahem.. maybe you need to open your eyes more wider. hahaha. as you can see, this photo is from I Got A Boy album of SNSD, so to help you figure out what I'm saying, I put a circle to our beloved taeyeon & tiffany :)) being curious? maybe some of you noticed it already as I put some hint on my first sentence. No~ not just because Taeyeon put her hand on tiffany's shoulder, oh but its also a sign :p hahaha. what I mean is TaeNy is forming a HEART SHAPE through their pose. Get what I mean? :) If not, let me help you to figure out^^

woah~ so close.kekeke. ahem.. as you can see, tiffany is on the left side while taeyeon is on the other side. I really don't know if taeyeon's hand is on tiffany's shoulder but because of taeyeon's pose it makes me realised that they are doing something. Moreover, Tiffany is also doing the same action using  the other side of her body. See the heart shape now? I'm sorry for not being good in explanation instead I'll just crop the picture to help you to figure out what I mean^^

using your own eyes.. look to fany's right hand and smoothly move your eyes through her elbow, her head(not to her face but on the top of her head: imagine your glance will put some lines through the picture), smoothly turn your eyes through her left shoulder then to taeyeon's wrist going up to tae's shoulder,head, shoulder again, elbow and through her left hand.

do you imagine they'll doing this fig. ? then good :) 

now let's go to the other side to complete the figure  of TaeNy's heart shape ^^

See the " V " shape ? if not, then look through their legs. this " \ " represent to tiffany while " / " is Taetae's legs . mianhae I'm not really good in words kekeke. Just please use your imagination to make you see what I see ^^ now imagine that their legs is ..

well, the V shape which complete the HEART SHAPE figure :)

tenenenen tenen~~ CONGRATULATIONS CO-LOCKSMITH if you see what I see through my eyes ^^ woah~ TaeNy is really DAEBAK right? they always makes our heart fluttered every time they're hanging around and having one another <3

THE END~ bbyung bbyung!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hello locksmith~ this photo is my own photo. guess what? seeing taeyeon  and tiffany's message to each other is one of the sign that TAENY is REAL <3 <3 don't get me wrong but as I read there message to their other members..kyaa~~  I realise that THEY TREAT EACH OTHER DIFFERENTLY from the other member :))) 

(Eng trans.)
TAEYEON: tiffany.. you were quiet excited before coming to phuket.. we've been roommates for a long time since training days~ It maybe because we've known each other for so long, you know how family members usually don't say things like this, like, I like you...or can't really express gratitude, and I feel like I'm like that especially with you. I grew up in korea, you in the US, and the differences in opinion due to cultural differences came as hard at first but now, after trying to match up to each other, we really have no questions about each other. that's how close we've gotten and I like how we are right now. I like you before when we were trainees, but I like you better now. thanks for presenting me,and the all of us, with so much memories, and we have a long way to go together, so I'll stop here..

TIFFANY: And lastly, Tae Yeon~ She's not here right? I can't say anything if she is... Taeyeon, lately we've been quarrelling on and off, right? We've been like this for six years now? We grew up together for six years... and I love our friendship. I'll try to express more, and you too~ I love you so so much, and I care for you, you know that right? Thank you always, and Love you lots! The end!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


TaeNy is having a good time even they already performing <3 <3 <3